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Akkayalar Limited creates its own fabric collection without compromising the quality understanding by evaluating customer comments and combining them with the market indicators. The aim of our company is to reach the right customers with the right products and to expand the market share in local and international markets with the right working conditions.




As Akkayalar family, we are devoted to providing our services within the line of 100% customer satisfaction and work hard to converge customer demands and high-quality fabrics supply process together. Having founded our business on a transparent working system based on flexible, clear and fast information flow, we act in accordance with the latest standards in the international textile market while aiming for excellency in what we do: We wove our high-quality fabrics with care and love with the help of the latest methods and tech in the industry and introduce them to our customers across the world markets with the most convenient prices possible in an unprecedented pace.  




Our story began back in 1955 when our grandfather Mr Mehmet Ali Akkaya upgraded his handloom cotton weaving atelier with power looms right after the electricity arrived his village finally. Since then, what Mr Akkaya started as a local initiative in an environment far-away from chaotic ragbags of more industrialized markets began reaching significant hubs for suppliers and buyers across the country with. In 1993, Akkayalar family expanded to European markets and started providing high-quality home textiles of Turkey to the clients across the borders and seas.


2002 – 2005 | NEW STEPS


In 2002, Akkayalar initiated apparel fabric manufacturing process and began providing top-tier fabrics for those willing to manufacture comfortable and elegant jackets and trousers.

In 2005, Akkayalar reached millions of meters of fabrics manufacturing capacity with 1000m2 warehouses storing top-tier fabrics ready for shipment to the markets across the globe.


2012 – 2013 | HIGH CAPACITY


In 2012, Akkayalar improved its facilities and began operating on a 12.000m2 factory in Denizli Organized Industrial Zone, equipped with high-end manufacturing technologies consisting of 150 pieces of weaving machines operating in three different 1500m2 weaving saloons and warp and sizing machines operating in 1000m2 saloon as well as a 3000m2 storage saloon.

Aimed at serving international clients with reliable and fast services, 24 units of 220 cm Picanol Optimax weaving machines reached 220.000 meters of fabrics manufacturing capacity per month during the first stage of operations in 2013.



Today, Akkayalar LTD is operating with offices in London, Istanbul, New Jersey, Barcelona and Moscow with millions of meters of fabrics in stock produced at 12.000m2 factory in Denizli, Turkey. We predominantly manufacture woven fabrics for trousers and jackets and supply an extensive range of high-quality fabrics at optimum prices, all produced in textile heaven, Turkey.

We produce more than 6,5 million meters of fabrics per year and there are millions of meters of fabrics in stock. Therefore, any product in our inventory can be shipped in just a few days. So, our clients do not have to wait for 4-6 weeks for the production process.

Our collections consist of wide range of categories such as 100 % Cotton, Cotton/Lycra, Cotton/Polyester, Cotton/Nylon, Cotton/Linen, Cotton/Modal, Wool/Linen, Wool/Cotton, Wool, Lama Wool, Acrylic and Wool Blends. We make our own private collection for the UK and European brands using exceptional weaving patterns along with yarn-dyed and overdyed fabrics with outstanding colour combinations.

   Our high-end production units are technically and socially audited by Oeko-Tex regularly.

   Our experienced design and production teams create unique collections every season for our clients across the globe in line with Akkayalar’s long years of devotion for providing 100% customer satisfaction.

Since 1955, weaving has been our job and we are governed by the passion of combining the results deriving from the evaluation of customer feedback with the latest market trends and indicators without compromising the quality.

Akkayalar family is now in the UK with its offices in London. We have always been close, but now, we are one step closer for your needs with a consistent and permanent global endeavour.

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